Tips On How to Buy a Furnace

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You can offset energy prices by replacing your old heating system with a new and more efficient furnace.

Asides from saving money, newer furnaces are more environmental friendly and they can produce more heat than older models. Gas furnaces are still the most popular types used, and this is how to buy a furnace.

Get Furnace Estimates

Contacting various contractors is a smart move. This is who you get the best deal on a furnace. However, make sure you get estimates in writing.

Size Is Important

The size of the furnace matters, as one that is too small won’t provide you with enough heat during the cold winter months. You also want to avoid buying a furnace that is too big, as it will cycle on and off more often. This means you will waste energy and temperatures may vary, and let’s not forget to mentioned that a larger furnace requires larger ducts, usually.

What you want to do is look for a reputable contractor, as they will be able to help you determine what your heating needs are, and they will calculate what size furnace you need. They will also install it the right way. Once they have installed your furnace, you will want to maintain it in accordance to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Efficiency Is Important

As previously mentioned, most central-heating systems are run on gas, and efficiency is important in a heating system. You want a furnace that has a high AFUE rating. Also, you may want to invest in an efficient furnace because it will generate fewer emissions.

The good news is that over the years, furnaces have become more efficient. For example, in 1970, a typical gas furnace may have had an AFUE rating of around 65 percent. Today, new gas furnaces have around 78 percent and the newer models have around 97 percent, which is impressive.

Furnaces that is very efficient will usually cost more than one that is not, but the good news is that you could end up saving money on fuel bills over the course of the furnace’s life. However, there are various factors in how long it will take for you to make a return on your investment, and the AFUE is just one factor. For example, the climate where you live and how insulated your home is are a few things that will determine how long it will take to recover your investment.

Buying a furnace is a big deal and you need to know how to buy one. The above information should help you find a good furnace to buy. If you keep all of the above in mind, then you should have no problem finding a good furnace that could end up saving you money.