Learn How to Fix an Air Conditioner

HVAC contractorsIt is very costly to repair an air conditioner when you need to hire an expert HVAC technician to intervene. Indeed, the time will come when you cannot avoid a pricey air conditioner repair, but it is handy to know that you can try fixing it yourself first before asking an expert to fix it. You’d be surprised to find out that some of your HVAC issues can be easily fixed on your own most of the time.

The thing is your unit malfunctions for the most obvious reasons of all. It is exasperating to shell out a few hundred dollars just to ask a technician to come to your home and turn a breaker back on. You can perform a few swift and easy checks and repairs before calling for help from an AC service company. Most of the time, you can save money by just performing these simple checks.

Tip on How to Fix an Air Conditioner for Beginners

The following are some of the things you can do in case your air conditioner breaks down, no longer working or perhaps not blowing sufficient cool air:

  • Inspect your breaker. If your unit will not turn on anymore, it is a sign of a tripped breaker. If you have a lot of appliances at home, these appliances and some of your light fixtures using the same breaker can cause it to trip resulting to a faulty air conditioner unit. This simple measure is a quick check to help you save money, effort, and at times, from embarrassment.
  • Check your thermostat. This part is a crucial aspect of your system that can cause you distress and a lot of dollars. If you have a battery-operated unit, it likely signals that you just need a new battery. Ensure that you have set your thermostat a temperature lower than the existing room temperature. Check that the unit is on or set to a fan setting. Know that temperature settings can change by accident.
  • Replace your filter. You can spare yourself from learning how to fix an air conditioner by replacing its air filters on a regular basis. A filthy and obstructed filter is the usual cause of problems with your cooling unit. Insufficient air flow can lead to your system’s lacking cooling efficiency. At times, an obstructed filter can make your system ice up. Make it your personal responsibility to check your filters regularly and replace it regularly as well.

Learn How to Fix an Air Conditioner

  • Melt any ice. Your AC unit cannot effectively cool your home if it is all iced up. It is a simple and easy process to melt the ice. First, turn off the system and leave the fan running to facilitate the swift melting of the ice. Or if you have the time to spare, just turn the entire unit off and allow the ice to melt at its own pace.
  • Clean it thoroughly. Most of the time, you just have a dirty unit. Your AC unit likely requires a good cleaning rather than a costly AC repair. When cleaning your outside unit, gently clean its fan blades and take off any remaining debris within or near your unit. You can also clean the condenser fins if it appears filthy. Be extra careful when handling fins and blades since they can easily bend and break. Moreover, ensure that you’re cleaning a unit that is off to avoid getting electrocuted.
  • Inspect your duct system. Inspect your ductwork to ensure that the air is originating from it if you can climb and get to your attic. In case they are extremely filthy and blocks the air flow, there’s no question about it needing a thorough cleaning. A register is usually partly, or all the way closed off by accident. Giving it a cursory check will assure you that the air is passing through your ductwork just fine.

The steps mentioned above are helpful if you are having AC problems, and you’re trying to figure out how to fix an air conditioner on your own. You can save plenty of money since you no longer have to call an expert AC technician to fix your home’s cooling problem if your simple DIY fix can solve it in a snap. Of course, only attempt fixing minor issues and let the experts handle more complex and extensive issues. For instance, only an expert can carry out electrical repairs and add freon.

Your main concern is to have your air conditioner working efficiently again. Try everything that you can to make it work once more, but if all else fail, never hesitate to ask the help of the experts.