5 Appliance Repair Tips For Your Next Service Visit

Columbia Appliance Repair CentralAre you ready for your next appliance service visit? Do you have a service contract or need paperwork done? Be prepared when your appliance technician arrives with these five appliance service and repair tips by

Tips for dealing with contractors may be few and far between when it comes to appliance service and repairs. Not to worry! We have the inside scoop! With our list of repair tips, the next time you have an appliance contractor scheduled to fix your appliance or replace a part, these five tips will prepare you and make the visit go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

1. Clear Your Schedule Even if you know exactly what time to expect the appliance contractor to arrive, no one can predict exactly how long the visit will take. When the appliance service company provides you with a window period in which the contractor may be … read full article

How to Work with Drain Snakes

It’s inevitable to experience clogged drains in your home. And when you encounter one, you can attempt to fix the plumbing problem yourself. The common solutions are pouring hot water into the drain, using a plunger, pouring in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, or pouring chemicals. However, tough clogged drains may call for a professional to get it fixed especially when plungers and mixture of baking soda and vinegar do not work. But a do-it-yourselfer can go as far as using a drain snake. Why not? Having an HVAC expert or plumber fix the drain can cost you hundreds of dollars while a drain snake will only take about $25 off of your pocket and it’s an easy solution in a professional level.

Let’s learn what a drain snake is before we discuss how to use one.

A drain snake (aka drain auger or plumbing snake), is a … read full article

Helpful Plumbing Tips for your Home’s Plumbing Needs

Plumbing TipsHomeowners deal with plumbing and HVAC problems every now and then. And although there are plumbing needs that require a call to the professionals, there are also those that can be handled by just about any homeowner without the need to spend extra for service repairs. Here is a compilation of helpful plumbing tips to help you bring down your water bills and at the same time save some money on plumbing repairs.

Dishwashers, Washing Machines, and Ice Makers The best time to run your dishwasher and washing machine is during off peak hours and night time. Using these appliances during certain parts of the day ensures that you conserve temperature and water pressure. Check on the supply hose for any sign of leaks, cracks, or any sign of weaknesses. Also make a regular inspection of the connections to ensure everything is tight and secured. To avoid clogs, make use… read full article

How to Avoid These Plumbing Scam Artists

If we lived in an ideal world, we would call a plumber or an HVAC professional.  Unfortunately, a few bad apples ruin the plumbing pie, so to speak. It should be clear to all of us by now that nothing is perfect in this world, which also applies to companies selling plumbing materials. To your misfortune, you might encounter plumbing scam artists who’ll provide substandard work and leave you more frustrated than ever. They’ll even charge you a preposterous amount for something they did not do, or even try to make you believe that you need other unnecessary repairs. You can avoid being lured into this trap by having the know-how in distinguishing the plumbing scam artists from the authentic plumbers and suppliers.


A plumber that tells you that he needs to phone “their guy” is the most notable warning that you are … read full article

6 Easy Options to Cleaning a Drain

DIY tricks on how to clean a drain

When faced with an obstructed sink, the adage “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” rings true. There are a lot of things that you must not let go down your drains, especially if your home has a septic system. For starters, you can avoid dealing with obstructed sinks by not letting grease, various food particles, and even hair go down your drain. A tiny piece of wire mesh comes in handy since it can effectively catch food particles and other items from going down. If you have a mesh, ensure that you clean it from time to time to avoid it getting smelly. Check out these DIY tricks on how to clean a drain by

Now, just remember that nobody is perfect. We can get lazy at times, you ask your kids to wash the … read full article